Praying The Word Of God For Healing

Many people wonder how to know if they are praying God’s will…..

When we PRAY THE WORD we are praying God’s own words back to Him, completing the circle of His will between heaven and earth. We are agreeing that His thoughts and His words are the best and wisest, showing Him (and ourselves) that we know what He says about something (based upon chapter and verse) and we are praying to Him about what He has already said.

When PRAYING FOR HEALING, look up the healing verses, ponder them, dare to believe them literally, and use what they say as a prayer.  Put your name and your need in the promises and pray the promises while giving thanks that God wouldn’t lie to you and His Word is TRUTH. God isn’t being religious or metaphorical. He means what He says: what He says is what His will is.

If I say “I’m going to the store to pick up some milk” I am not speaking metaphorically. I am saying that it is my will to take myself to the store because I have decided I want milk. My words speak forth ahead of time what my will is, what my plan is; then I take action to back up my words, or my will, to “bring it to pass”.  These things are so clear in our own daily lives…we shouldn’t make them so complicated when it comes to God!

God means what He is saying in the wonderful healing promises. They are God’s covenant of healing for you and for me, backed by all that Jesus went through in Isaiah 53. You can know, therefore, that healing IS His will for you.

Touch the area of pain or sickness in your body and read the healing words of The Almighty TO that area in your body. Speak to your body and say “You hear, receive, and obey the Word of the living God Who created you in the power of Jesus and everything in His Name”, and then read God’s healing scriptures to your body and expect it to be received by your body.

“Take” God’s Word like a medical prescription! Think pragmatically: a pharmacist gives you a prescription – you take it three times a day with meals and finish it to the last pill, expecting it to accomplish something. Well, God’s Word is alive and powerful (Hebrews 4:12, Amplified is best and richest if you can get it) and will work in your flesh, literally. Proverbs 4:20-22 says it will!

When I had four specialists tell me I had cancer in my kidney and would have to lose the kidney, I began first to praise and worship God in order to honor Him, and prayed like this:

“Thank You, Lord, that You have provided Your Word so I can understand how You think, and that You love me. Thank You that You are Provider, Healer, and Helper in time of need”.  Then I would open to the healing verses and promises I had ‘tagged’ in my Bible, and I would speak to my kidney and say:

“Kidney, in the power of Jesus’ Name,  you hear, receive, and obey the Word of the Living Lord Who created you. Any cells that are not in line with the perfect functioning of the Lord God, you come in line with God’s Word. Cancer cells, you die, and bring me no harm. You may not take my kidney from me. No weapon formed against me shall prosper, according to Isaiah 54:17. Healing is for me, for IT IS WRITTEN…” and I would find and read each specific healing verse to my kidney. I would begin “taking my medicine” by reading promise upon promise of God’s healing covenant verses TO my kidney. I did that several times a day, just like taking medicine, and believed the Lord would produce results! I received His Word as living medicine to make a change in my body, trusting His power to do what He says in Isaiah 55:11.

Verses to use to PRAY GOD’s WORD:

    Isaiah 53: 3,4,5    Psalm 103:1-5     Proverbs 4:20-22     I Peter 2:24

                                 Psalm 107:20     Isaiah 55:11

My book HIS WORD HEALED ME has four pages of verses to look up and use for prayers!

If you don’t know the Lord personally and don’t know yet if you belong to Him, start with John 3:16 and also Romans 10:8-11 and get that settled. Read those Scriptures, receive them, and pray them back to Him to connect your heart and soul to Him. That way when you pray you will know that He is your heavenly Father. You might not have had a good earthly one, but the heavenly Father is like no other!!!!!

My book also very specifically teaches how a person can know for certain that they belong to God and are His. Please carefully read how in chapter 13.  I trust it will help you.

I John 5:14,15  says “If we pray according to His will, we know He hears us, and therefore if He hears us, we know we have the petition for which we have asked.”

God does not contradict His own Word, because He would be contradicting His will if He did!  He has established what His will is by what He says, directs, and establishes in His Word: be confident in Him and His love for you.

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